7 Healthy Habits That Changed My Life

In the “About Me” section of my blog, I touched on me being a full-time college student and as we all know that means for some people, life can be a little hectic at times. Like all college students, I try to balance my stress-levels from my coursework, personal, and professional life, however reality hit me real quick my first semester and I had a minor(it was kinda major) breakdown. After that realization, I decided I was going to change my habits and how I handled my life, in all aspects. These habits may not work for everyone, however for me they changed my life completely, hopefully they can help you as well. I also added hyperlinks to each habit for more info.

  1. The first and most important habit I developed was a healthy and stable sleep schedule. I know for some people, the reality of having a sleep schedule seems virtually impossible but if you manage your time wisely, I promise you, it can happen. Sleep is super important for healthy brain function and overall wellness. For some people, they only need 5 or 6 hours of sleep to be perfectly functional . For me, I usually need around 7 or 8. So, personally I go to sleep around 10 to 11pm and I wake up at 5:45am.
  2. Going to the gym or doing some type of exercise daily. This could range from anything like walking to school or doing yoga. I noticed when I go to the gym daily, it doesn’t just improve my physical appearance but it improves my mental health as well. The gym for me is a major stress reliever, it’s a time for me to let go of anything I have going on in my life and just let everything go. I like to hit the gym in the morning around 6, that way throughout the day I don’t have to worry about going if I end up having a lot of homework.
  3. Taking aday off, sometimes you just need to take a day off from everything for no reason. Realizing that this is okay and that sometimes we just need a break is completely understandable. We are just human and need a break from time.
  4. Being grateful for everything I have. I’ve made it a daily habit to think of 3 specific things I am thankful for every day and this has overall made me happier and more calm.
  5. Breathing, I know this sounds weird but I once listened in a podcast about how slowing your breathing once day can help improve your willpower and I couldn’t agree more.
  6. Eating right and eating in a way that makes you feel happy. Whether that be healthy foods or junk foods overall eating a way that your body responds well too and in a way that works with your lifestyle.
  7. Being patientThis one in particular is my hardest habit. However, I find that when I am patient my life just works out better. After all good things come to those who wait.

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